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In only 5 hours you will experience the best of Argentina on its highest level:


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… Polo-Passion

Second Star of the excursion:
The sport of the kings: polo

 * * * * *


Polo is without doubt one of the most fascinating sports in the world. The combination of high speed horses, passionate players and pure nature makes it unique. And today, it´s your turn to try it! Our polo-players will show you the secrets of riding Argentine horses and hitting the ball.

Or for those of you who prefer just to watch:
The polo club-manager will receive us with a tasty “picada” and introduce us to the passion of polo with a sporting demonstration of the game!




… home-made Asado

Third Star of the excursion:
The outstanding 5 course asado gourmet menu

* * * * *

13.00 pm:
Created by one of the best chefs in Argentina,  we will have the pleasure to taste the most famous meat in the world, the Argentine asado. Excellent taste and outstanding quality are awaiting us. And, of course, it´s always accompanied by selected wines and served by the gauchos…

This is our menu:

  1. Empanadas de corderito and assorted vegetables
  2. Picada Criolla – selection of cheese, rustic salame + sorpresata
  3. Grilled Provoleta cheese, grilled specialities + a selection of salads
  4. Argentine chef´s asado with assorted meats and vegetables
  5. A choice of seductive desserts including fruits, creams & chocolates



… wine tasting

First Star of the excursion:
Experience extraordinary wine-tasting out in nature

 * * * * *

The gauchos will welcome you with a glass of wine from one of the most famous bodegas in Argentina as well as recently baked empanadas… enjoy!

During the day each course will be accompanied by selected wines, all of which of won prizes & awards. Our connoiseur will reveal the secrets of high quality Argentine wine from the Andes region near Mendoza.

Which bodega would you choose? Luigi Bosca, Salentein, Chandon or Flichman?


… real gauchos

Fifth Star of the excursion:
The real Argentine Gauchos – deep traditions + Argentine culture

 * * * * *

15.30 pm:
The Gauchos will bid us farewell at the end of our day as they welcomed us at the beginning. We will visit “La Matera” – the place where Argentine mate is traditionally served and of course they will prepare and serve us “their” asado – what an honour!

If you are keen to go for a ride with them, just ask! They will happily take you with them.








  • + … pick-up in Buenos Aires
  • + … a first class 5 course asado
  • + … outstanding wine tasting
  • + … a passionate tango performance
  • + … the fascinating world of polo
  • + … real Argentine gauchos
  • + … promotional price!!!


  • + … transfer back to your hotel
  • + … includes beverages + wine
  • + … the most famous bodegas
  • + … get to know world champions!
  • + … watch the game and try it!
  • + … local culture + traditions
  • + … children 5-12 years get 50% off


Every Wednesday to Sunday from October to April.

Pick-up at 10 am, return at 5 pm, or: pick-up at 3 pm, return at 10 pm.

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Our venue is the famous Polo Hotel Resort & Spa, only 45min from Buenos Aires and right in the heart of the Argentine mekka of Polo, near Open Door, Pilar and Lujan. A spot where you are surrounded by fresh air and pure nature. Welcome to the Argentine Pampa!

We will pick you up at your hotel in Buenos Aires and bring you back there. In case you want to drive on your own take the “acceso oeste”. At km 59 take “ruta 6″ towards Campana, after 6km on the left hand side, you will see the Polo Resort.



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March 2015: it´s 5-Stars-birthday!


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February 2015: incredible: the “under the stars”-tour …


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  January 2015 – feel like the gauchos at 5 Stars!


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