Under the stars

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Polo in the sunset, wine-tasting in the dusk, gourmet dinner in the light of candles, Tango rhythms in the silence of the night, gauchos around bonfire…
Now imagine all this just under thousand stars…
Yes, 5 Stars of Argentina welcomes New Year with a new, truly unique and sensational “Under the Stars” experience.

The program starts by our team picking you up from your hotel at 3pm.
While on the way our guide makes sure you enjoy interesting facts about Argentine culture.
Upon arrival warm welcome is accompanied by refreshing afternoon drinks and snacks.
We continue by getting to learn the insides and traditions of Polo game. Our professional trainers make sure your first polo lesson is entertaining and enjoyable.
When the sun is slowly reaching the horizon, we start the wine-tasting part. Our Sommelier reveals all the secrets you need to know while sipping the best of Argentine wines.
Then we see candles being lit up – it is a sign that our Chef invites you to join him at his gourmet-dinner. Argentine traditional delights look mouth watering even before you taste them.
The tango rhythms starts playing when the sun is long-time gone and the silence of the night is lighted by the stars all around us. Be sure – dessert like that has never been served before.
Gauchos, guitar and mate drinking ceremony around the bonfire makes sure your ear doesn’t miss any secrets of Las Pampas. They came long way to share them specially with you.
Around 9pm our team will transfer you back to your hotel while the memories of this magical 5 Stars night long live in your minds…

Get ready – 2015 will be really starry!!!
Make sure you get your place in the tour!